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In 2011, I was in the second grade of high school and I created two games for subject Structure and object programming (Polish: Programowanie strukturalne i obiektowe): Deska and Saper. In these lessons, we learned to program using the Pascal language.

About this game

This game was created in January 2011. At the time I did not know anything about the procedures and the functions, so everything is in one big loop. But in April 2020 I decided to rewrite code. But writing code in cp852 is not fully possibile in modern tools, so, I created dos-pascal-docker to convert code written in utf-8 to cp852 and build exe file using Turbo Pascal running in DosBox.

How to run this game?

You can go to this webiste: Play, the game run via js-dos
You can also download the game from this: Download, and run in DOSBox.

The code was written using OEM 852 character set, so if you run this game by yourself, you should remeber to change default charset using this command:



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